Hello. My name is Tristam Cheeseman, and I have lived in Allen County my entire life.

Allen County is my home, and a home I love. But I cannot sit any longer and watch politicians allow the county of Allen, and the city of Lima, to rot away. So, that’s why i decided to run for state representative of House District 4, which is just Allen County. I want to help make a difference in my community. I want to fight for the people, no matter creed, party, race or religion, of my home. A home that has provided for me my entire life. And I want an Allen County like that, for everyone in this county.

You and I have sat back and watched the politicans in Columbus and all of Ohio waste away the resources and abilities of this great state. We have seen them destroy the Ohio Education System with the Common Core laws that have turned school into little more then a state testing wasteland. We have watched those elected officials in Columbus betray their electorate, and pass laws that directly hurt their own voters. They have failed to address poverty, racism, and education, and do little more then fatten their own paychecks.

Yes I am young. Yes, I am inexperienced. But i am here to fight for you, to fight for all of Allen, Lima, Ohio. I am not here to fatten my wallet. I am here to provide for the people of this great county of Allen, and the great state of Ohio.

Please, consider donating to my campaign or joining me and the Democrats to fight for a better Allen County, and a better Ohio!


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