1. Education Reform

Education in the state of Ohio is sorely lacking, and the Common Core era has completely demolished our schools abilities to do anything but test, and prepare for tests. We pay teachers inadaquetly, allow Right to Work laws to compromise and destroy unions, and are doing a poor job of teaching our children how to be good citizens, smart citizens, and confident citizens. If we cannot save our crumbling education here, then we are doomed to a world where young people get their news and history from outside sources, which could be as good as  Hamilton, and Last Week Tonight, or as horrifying as InfoWars. This starts by

A. Ending the massive state testing burden on schools.

B. Reforming Common Core into a more growth oriented system, which rewards students for growing, not just students who can take tests.

C. Giving schools funding and denying the passage of Right to Work laws.

2. Economic Reform

For too long have super rich business men controlled the strings of government. In Ohio, i would fight for all the workers, whether rich or poor, young or old, in the state! We see the rich escape every year with millions in profits, while the poor continue to slave at the bottom of a ladder that people like President Donald J. Trump have made it impossible to climb. Not only that, but short-sighted business practices like the made by the new Tax Plan, as well as de-regulation, will strangle small business and destroy our economy.

We must combat these by

A. Increasing Taxes on the wealthy in Ohio, while also allowing those who stay to receive small business incentives to help them compete and stay in the state.

B. Regulating our economy to help small business compete in a world more and more dominated by monopolies.

C. Re-start the American dream by lowering taxes on the poor, and providing them opportunities to rise up through education and betterment.


3. Social Justice

The state of Ohio is the birthplace of such civil rights heroes as Ulysses S Grant, who have bettered the world and all in it. Yet, our state has become a breeding ground for organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan. Anti-LGBTQ groups, and Anti-Muslim groups.

This is unacceptable. As a state, it is our job to combat this, and to provide a safe and good place for all the people of the world to live, and to live by the American creed.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

This can be accomplished in easy steps.

A. Pass new minority protection bills, and create a more effective response by law enforcement, along with new training and weapon handling for law enforcement in the state of Ohio. This includes body cameras.

B. Teaching a more thorough course on American History in schools, showing the evil we did, but how good overcame it and can overcome it today. Teaching real history is important, and not sugarcoating it helps us adjust to the needs of today’s minorities.

C. There is no C. This is pretty much it.


These are my main issues. If you have any, please contact me and tell me them! I would be glad to hear them!